Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Where Do Good Decisions Come From?

Decisions should come from the mind AND the heart.  One without the other is either too emotional or too cold.   Emotions warm up what our brain dictates and the brain pushes stop on the Panic Button.
When I was a young minister's wife, I did every job that was posted on the To Do list. I prepared communion, taught Sunday School, led Women's Bible Study, picked up the nursery laundry, emptied the trash, and gave the pews a once a week polish.  

Then a very wise person pointed out to me that (1) I wasn't passionate about some of the tasks I had taken on, and (2) I was depriving someone else of serving.  In a nice way, she informed me that I was being selfish.

Now that I am a little more mature in my walk of faith, I've learned to give any decision about service some time.  I also seek the advice of others, pray about the opportunity, and just breathe.  This little routine has resulted in more committed decisions and a manageable calendar.

Try my little decision making routine.  You may like it so much that you'll make it your own.  

Until next time, Sheila